Profitable human logic

Welcome to the Cerebel Group, a company of strong market leaders with key positions in automotive, asset management and work order management. We build synergy for agile working solutions that deliver a high return on your investment.

In Brainport Eindhoven, the world smartest region, our companies offer profitable and customer-driven end-to-end applications that increase your employee’s productivity while lowering costs. The keyword is human logic, which is created by combining people, processes, technology and connectivity into easy-to-access-services, via our SaaS platform.


We create the best agile working solutions for our international target markets through organic growth and a well considered and synergy-driven buy and build strategy.


Our team of visionary entrepreneurs has a strong track record of extensive market experience. To that they add a pragmatic global vision on changing dynamics and economic situations.

These companies are subsidiaries of the Cerebel Group

These companies were sold per 1st December 2014 to TomTom Telematics